A little thought and proper planning before you pack can save you time and energy. Explore our valuable resources on the website including Plan Ahead and the Packing with Care Video for insider tips on proper materials and general guidelines. Allow plenty of time prior to your move for packing. Box up as little as three to four cartons a day and you can pack more than 100 boxes in a month.

The most organized approach to packing for your move is room by room. Establish designated areas to pack and store completed cartons. Begin with the least used items in each room. Although some rooms, such as the living and family rooms, may be used quite frequently, they contain items that are not. Pack bedrooms and the kitchen last as these areas contain many items that you use right up until moving day.

Box: Packing Cartons: Dimensions: Our Price
1.5 Cubic Foot Book/Record Carton 18"x12"x12" $2.95
3.0 Cubic Foot Medium Carton 18"x18"x18"  $4.49
4.5 Cubic Foot Large Carton 24"x18"x18" $4.95
6.0 Cubic Foot Extra Large Carton 24"x18"x24"  $4.49
Dish Pack 24-1/8 x 12" x 11" $11.99
14 Cubic Foot Wardrobe Carton 24"x21"x48" $14.95
Small Mirror Carton  37" x 4" x 27" $4.95
Large Mirror Carton 48" x 4" x 33"  $7.49
Pad Paper 3 Per Pack 48" x 72"  $5.95
Packing Paper
Per 10 Pounds
NA       $10.49
Tape-Per Roll 55 yards          $4.49