Afternoon Jobs

As a service to our customers, we schedule moving jobs in the afternoon for those who either cannot move in the morning or those who need to move on days that we are already scheduled in the morning.

If we book your order for an afternoon slot, we literally will arrive AFTER noon. Our arrival time depends on how the morning job scheduled prior yours went and if that person gave us an accurate assessment of the work that was to be done.

We schedule our trucks so that we can arrive at your jobsite as early in the day as possible.

We give you an estimated time of arrival. We stay in touch with you on moving day (this is an especially good reason to make sure that your phone is on and ringing at your loading and unloading locations!)  We always will work until we are finished or until you want us to leave, whichever comes first.

We realize that when you schedule our service that you are depending on us to be there and to take care of your move. Unfortunately, when you schedule your move in the afternoon, the arrival time is less predictable and many things can go awry during this highly stressful time. We ask you to keep these facts in mind when you schedule an afternoon job with us and ask for your patience.

If your move has an afternoon starting time, please feel free to give us a call around noon on moving day, so that we can contact your crew and give you a better idea of the crew's arrival time. 

Thank you in advance for your patience.

What to do if nobody has shown up and the office is closed....

Call our Office at: (604) 628-7136